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3 15-light-pendant-chandelier_grid.jpg

$ 299.95

Add a uniquely modern flair to the room with this modern 15-light glass pendant chandelier design that's influenced by Mid-Century Sputnik...
1 custom-lighting-company_grid.jpg

$ 239.00

MODEL NS2 - This unique Victorian Library Light can be mounted on a narrower beam or in any narrow space possibly left and right of a Vanity...
1 victorian-house-wall-lights-sale_grid.jpg
CUSTOM LIGHTING COMPANY'S ANNUAL BATHROOM / WALL LIGHTING FALL SALEGet a jump on our big Custom Lighting Co. Starting Sunday, October 16, save up...
1 bold-victorian-light_grid.jpg

$ 277.00

This bold Victorian reproduction gas wall light fits well as accent lighting for your dining room, bath or anywhere you want to make a statement....
1 double-vintage-wall-light_grid.jpg

$ 318.00

MODEL NS19 A different take on the NS18, this reproduction of a double vintage gas light fixture with a change in back plate and metal color....
1 vintage-wall-sconce_grid.jpg

$ 324.00

MODEL NS18 - Most Popular! An 'Up and Down' period authentic reproduction of a vintage gas light fixture. The stunning detail and historic...
1 wall-sconce-victorian-light_grid.jpg

$ 362.00

  MODEL NS16 - Most Popular! A great example of a period authentic reproduction, antique style, Victorian gas light. The form and style of this...
1 wall-mount-lighting_grid.jpg

$ 379.00

MODEL NS14 – POPULAR! This Victorian gaslight reproduction can be placed over a bathroom vanity mirror in your bath or powder room or over a...
1 company-wall-sconce_grid.jpg

$ 323.00

MODEL NS13  This more Colonial electric wall sconce is shown in polished brass. Solid cast brass construction and shiny Opal glass globe complete...
1 single-light-wall-sconce_grid.jpg

$ 283.00

A perfect match to Model NS9. an excellent bathroom light fixtures. Place this Mission Style single light wall sconce on the left and right of...
1 custom-wall-lighting_grid.jpg

$ 378.00

This Mission Style Light works well over your Vanity Mirror in your bath room or powder room. Custom widths are always available to suit your...
1 custom-lighting-bold_grid.jpg

$ 248.00

VERY POPULAR!    MODEL NS3 - This bold Victorian reproduction gas wall light fits well as accent lighting for your dining room, bath or anywhere...
2 wall-sconce-custom-made_grid.jpg

$ 248.00

MOST POPULAR!   MODEL NS1 - 24 of these beautifully historically accurate, antique gaslight reproductions are presently hanging in the US...
1 custom-lighting-company-touch_grid.jpg

$ 327.00

This Victorian 'Torch' Light works well in pairs beside a Vanity Mirror in your bath or powder room or alongside your fireplace. Solid brass...