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2 catriana-mosaic-floor-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 279.20

Now this is a real standout piece. We’re talking 5 feet of glimmering mosaic that catches the light just right and will be a gorgeous focal...
2 blanc-mosaic-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 135.20

Prepare to be dazzled. It's inevitable with our Blanc mirror and its countless glass mosaics. It's specifically designed and handcrafted to bring...
2 wood-planked-30x40-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 229.00

Here's a mirror that checks the box of the hottest trends in home design. We can see it working equally well in a farmhouse chic setting,...
2 hayworth-silver-floor-mirror-armoire_grid.jpg

$ 379.95

As glamorous as any star from Hollywood's Golden Era, yet as practical as we can make it, our Hayworth Mirror Armoire is all about functional...
4 26-mirrored-tile_grid.jpg

$ 159.20

Talk about a work of art. Our handcrafted mirror is covered in mosaic mirrored and capiz shell tiles and will brighten up your day every time...
3 whitewashed-window-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 249.00

Add architectural interest to even the plainest wall with our Window Mirror. Place it anywhere you need a prettier view or in a corner that...
2 midnight-ombre-mosaic-30x40-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 159.20

Harness the magic of the midnight sky with the beautiful blue and black mosaic design of our handcrafted mirror. Perfectly placed glass tiles...
3 natalie-sunburst-round-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 149.00

Perk up your home with radiant reflection. Crafted of cast iron and embellished with teardrop-shaped, acrylic crystals, our mirror makes a...
2 carved-wood-frame-36x48-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 259.00

Go grandiose and hang our handcrafted mirror that features an elegant floral motif and a subtle nod to Old World opulence. It’s impressive in an...
5 avalon-golden-mosaic-32x48-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 183.00

According to Arthurian legend, Avalon was a legendary island where the king’s magical sword, Excalibur, was forged. Befitting its name, our...
2 juliette-teardrop-oval-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 299.00

With generous curves and a name that means “young,” our Juliette mirror will inspire a certain flirtatious joy in anyone who gazes upon it. The...
4 giselle-32-round-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 159.20

When it comes to your interior style, we say go glam or go home! Our handcrafted mirror is the definition of glamour. It’s bright and sparkly...
5 ivory-mother-of-pearl-quatrefoil-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 239.20

Ivory 20.08"W x 1.18"D x 20.08"H 35.50"W x 1.12"D x 35.50"H Engineered wood, mother of pearl, mirror Handcrafted Dust lightly with cloth or...
2 midnight-splendor-mosaic-floor-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 279.20

Ever wish you had a room with a view—of the sea? Our shimmering rectangular wall mirror brings to mind just that, thanks to its stunning...
4 amber-mosaic-round-mirror_grid.jpg

$ 119.20

You say you need a mirror that reflects your gleam and glam? Consider this shimmering amber mosaic option. Handcrafted to deliver pure...